Agence Ter has won the project for the Beijing Central Park landscaping project around the construction of the aerotropolis. The urban development proposes a ring-shaped building, a landmark seen from the sky from which different axes of crossings and meetings of the ways unfold. The park plays a role in diffusing soft mobility (with a ‘slow bridge’ that transports bikes and pedestrians contrasting with the speed of airport activity). The circular shape makes it possible to serve themed spaces of nature and to activate an outdoor cultural program (swimming, dance, art, botany …).
The project is designed as a traditional Chinese landscape painting. The forest-mountain-water composition structures the space in search of balance as an ecological base supporting the aerotropolis. Improving the well-being of residents and tourists with the creation of a sustainable and breathable ‘sponge’ city facing the airport is the challenge of the landscape project proposed by Agence Ter