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Agence Ter has won the competition to convert the N-II metropolitan infrastructure for the Area Metropolitana de Barcelona. The panoramic road project proposed by Agence Ter articulates a new pedestrian and cycle path on a balcony overlooking the valley of Llobregat. The highway transformation proposals serve as the basis for the metropolitan master plan. Team: […]

National Pulse Memorial & Museum – Orlando

“Every human being is free to live their truth in a more understanding world full of love, unity, acceptance, hope, courage and strength.” Like Agence Ter, take part in the “OUTLOVE HATE ” donation campaign at the Pulse Museum in Orlando. Become one of the faces of change “BE THE FACE OF CHANGE.” Be part […]

Camden Highline – London, United Kingdom

Camden Town Unlimited have just announced the results of the first stage of the London Camden Highline design competition. Agence Ter and its team made up of Explorations Architecture, Buro Happold, Donald Insall Associates, Speirs + Major and Wayward are very happy to be part of the shortlist of 5 deign teams! The Highline’s program […]

Agence TER Exhibition – Living soils

Natural ecosystems in cities, bioclimatic public spaces, parks and neighborhoods designed as hydrological modulation systems, forest cities, metropolitan terroirs: for more than 30 years Agence Ter has been exploring ways of incorporating living environments into urban areas and of using landscaping projects to provide climate services. Henri Bava, Michel Hössler, Olivier Philippe and their team, […]


This summer, the inauguration of the first instalment of the Anfa district has provided 50 hectares of landscaped park to the city of Casablanca. On an urban scale, the park is a green belt evocative of the Landscape Cities of the Moroccan protectorate described by landscape designer Mounia Bennani in her book on Rabat, Marrakech, […]


The construction of public spaces in the future Citadel and Starlette districts has begun in Strasbourg. The SPL Deux Rives, the city of Strasbourg and the Eurometropole share the landscape and urban planning project carried out by Agence TER. The 75 Ha phase connects Strasbourg to the city of Kehl, on the German bank of […]


Nature brings life to the U4 High Furnace Park created by Agence TER. The site was shortlisted among the 14 sites to become the “favorite monument of the French.”


Follow the development of the territorial parc of the Valley of the Vilaine with Kultur Bretagne: “A local elected official, a landscape designer, a cultural urban planner, a land art artist and an agroecology researcher, unravelling the story of the project at the gates of the city of Rennes. Taking an innovative course, including a […]

neighborhood in FLEURY-SUR-ORNE

The plantations of the future neighboorhood, des Hauts de l’Orne will be constructed with trees, grass shrubs and perennials from the nursery, created by the TER Agency and The Normandie Amenagement over two years ago ! Here, the nursery temporarily uses the space of the last phase of the constructions in order to be innovative […]