Detroit Square

The winner of the Detroit Institute of Arts Midtown Cultural Connections international design competition, announced June 10th, is a project called “Detroit Square” designed by Agence Ter, a Paris, France-based landscaping firm; Akoaki, a Detroit-based architecture firm; roofoftwo, a Detroit design studio, and a University of Michigan professor.

“Detroit is daring to dream big again,” said Maurice Cox, the city’s director of planning and development. “This is a city that has never been afraid to take on extraordinary aspirational challenges and realize them.”

The project combines world-class architecture with a local Detroit flavor to reimagine the 83-acre area in Midtown into a walkable, distinct public sphere that connects 12 artistic, educational and cultural institutions.
The international design competition was launched in 2017 by Midtown Detroit, Inc. and the Detroit Institute of Arts to align 12 cultural and educational institutions, creating a connected cultural district in Midtown. The other stakeholder institutions include: The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, College for Creative Studies, Detroit Historical Society, Detroit Public Library, Hellenic Museum of Michigan, International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit, Michigan Science Center, The Scarab Club, University of Michigan, and Wayne State University.


The meeting between the architect Wang Shu, Pritzker Prize 2012, and Agence Ter concerning the “Zac des Deux Rives” project in Strasbourg, with Eric Bazard, director of the SPL and the promoters Vinci and Franck.

Les 26 traversées de la Vallée de la Vilaine

This year is the Year of the Vilaine ! This event is a cultural experience lasting one year that highlights the reclamation of water in the Rennes metropolis and the Vilaine valley. It is part of the cultural activities organized by Agence Ter and Cuesta Agency as part of the Vilaine Valley Landscape Project. It accompanies the start of the works and stimulates long-lasting dynamics in the area through the realization of a seasonal program and the launch of five collective projects. The first events have started and the full program can be discovered on the site www.vallé under the heading Année de la Vilaine.

Biennale d’Architecture et de Paysage Bap!

The three partners of Agence Ter are participating in the 1st edition of the Biennial of Architecture and Landscape (Bap) of Versailles from May 4 to July 13, 2019. A new event launched by the Ile-de-France region and the city of Versailles, this Biennale, open to the general public, includes 6 exhibitions and a program to bring together architects and landscape professionals. François de Mazières, general commissioner of the Bap mayor of Versailles and former president of the City of Architecture and Heritage welcomes many curators including Alexandre Chemetoff and Djamel Klouche into the two schools of design. Henri Bava, invited by Alexandre Chemetoff for the inauguration of the exhibition “The taste of the landscape” participated in the first “Conversation paysagère” on “How the taste of the landscape returns ” with Michel Desvigne and Alexandre Chemetoff. Michel Hoessler intervenes on Saturday, May 18 as part of the festival of architecture and cinema “Sentiment of Strangeness” programmed by the Pavilion of Arsenal, taking part in a debate with Coline Serreau around his film “The beautiful green” on the ” The beginnings of an environmental conscience “. Olivier Philippe is invited by the French Federation of the Landscape to participate in a debate on the nourishing soils in Ile-de-France on June 15th at the Potager du Roi.


Agence Ter and the team of Karbon, Arcadis, Egis, Undo Redo and Concepto have won the project for a “Place-Pont” (Bridge/Square)at Sainctelette.

The square is at the crossing point of the major urban perspectives of the canal axis and the Leopold II axis. The project proposed by Agence Ter evokes a compass on the great landscapes of the metropolis to create a vast place of convergence of public spaces, neighborhoods and mobilities. Sainctelette, transformed into a pedestrian forecourt, extends the public space of the Kanal Center Pompidou Museum.


Agence Ter, Ana Coello and AUDING have won the competition for the Three Hills Park of Barcelona, in the area of “Carmel”. The project consists of preserving and amplifying the natural park, which is enclosed in the urban fabric in order to make it visible and accessible as a remarkable geographical entity. The gateway to the park will be via a discovery trail through impressive former quarries. The iconic hills offer extraordinary views of the city from their peaks.

agro campus saclay

Central to the new Agro campus project for the ‘Ecole Polytechnique’ by architects Mimram and Lacoudre / Patriarch is space for the living! The open garden, designed by Agence Ter and currently in construction, offers fertile land with low water consumption on 2 hectares at the heart of the campus.


Billancourt Park received the Editor’s Award in the 2019 WLA (World Landscape Architecture) Awards!


Opening of the Plaza de Glories “CANOPIA URBANA” designed by TER and Ana Coello in BARCELONA

Obre la canòpia urbana de Glòries

Més de 20.000 metres quadrats de verd per passejar-hi, una àrea de jocs infantils perquè els més petits s'ho passin bé, un espai lúdic i esportiu per a joves i una àrea de gossos perquè els peluts hi juguin i es relacionin.

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Promenade of the Heights

 Agence Ter, lead consultant with Cuesta, Une Fabrique de la Ville, and Indigo for the pre-operational study of the « Promenade of the Heights » rejoin the dynamic of the metropolitan laboratory led by Est Ensemble and other territorial actors in the creation of the “urban natural park” of 300 hectares on the Romainville plateau.